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When men get a little older, you see that the testosterone content in the body decreases normally. Men between the ages of 40 and 55 have about half less testosterone than if they were in their 20s. Around 20 years actually the peak of testosterone production in a body.

We are happy to discuss the causes of the decrease in testosterone with you and also how to prevent it. In addition, we are happy to give you tips to increase testosterone in men. Increasing testosterone naturally is very easy. Of course you can also increase the testosterone pills. Increasing testosterone naturally is of course a smart set. However, getting a good picture is different from person to person.

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When do you know that you have a low testosterone level?

The US statistical office indicates that more than 12.5 million men have a low testosterone level and that 70 percent of these men cause an erection failure. There are a number of things from which you can deduce that one has too low a testosterone level:

  • Having a sad and depressed feeling
  • Having bone loss
  • Losing a lot of muscle mass
  • Failure to build muscle in the arms and legs
  • Suffer from drier eyes and a pale face
  • Suffer from mood swings
  • Feeling depressed
  • Love handles and have more belly fat

The testosterone level naturally decreases a lot in men as they age. Production decreases from approximately 25 e birthday. The decline is not going fast and you don’t actually notice it. According to the World Health Organization, men in their 70s have only a testosterone level of about 10 to 20 percent of a 25-year-old man. Authorities and studies have also shown that decreasing testosterone levels is associated with health problems. So it is important to increase testosterone in man. There are various options for this. There are also many factors that play a role in the decrease of the testosterone level in the body.

Why does the Testo level decrease? Because of stress?

If someone has a lot of stress in the body, someone is constantly in a fight or flight situation, so that the body always attaches the most importance to dealing with this stress. Testosterone then has no priority and the body will release the stress hormone cortisolcreate. It is a hormone that helps you get ready to fight or flee. It is deeply anchored in the body in order to deal with the problems that exist. Cortisol helps you to escape from life-threatening situations. Deadlines, traffic jams, being late, your work, relationships and other things can cause more stress in your life. As a result, you will produce more cortisol and the production of testosterone will decrease.

A deficiency of the mineral zinc

Zincis a very important mineral for a good testosterone level in your body. Enzymes use zinc to make the male sex organ testosterone. Zinc also helps with many other processes in the body. Zinc deficiency will decrease zinc production. Increasing testosterone with food is therefore very possible. Using the right nutritional supplements is also a smart set. The diet has a strong influence on the zinc levels in the body. There are even more foods and products that have an influence to increase the testosterone.

A lack or too little saturated fat in the daily diet

Since testosterone from cholesterolit is important to take the correct saturated fats and omega9 nutrients. Saturated fats are found in meat, eggs and other foods. You often hear that it is not that healthy. However, it is of great importance for good testosterone production.

The many unsaturated fats from fish and nuts actually lower the testosterone. Of course these are much healthier. Fitness and nutrition and also bodybuilding nutrition and sports nutrition or sports nutrition have shown that the increased intake of animal fats significantly increased testosterone levels compared to athletes who ate less fats. Protein-rich food and fitness dietary supplements also make a good contribution to building more muscle.

Increase Testosterone Naturally

It is possible to increase testosterone levels in a number of natural ways. Muscle building nutrition , fitness dietary supplements and protein rich food are some things that can help you to make more testosterone. Adequate sleep, a healthy meal every day, sufficient exercise and a healthy life in general are also very important. It has a strong influence on your testosterone level.

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